Monday, October 26, 2009

10 Facts About Me

1. Big fan Manchester United
Since 12 years old I like this football team until now. The match in every week will make me excited. I will watch this team match in live either ESPN or Starsports. When I miss the match I will disappointed. When I watch the match, I will become nervous and much focused. I dislike any person disturb me when I watch the match.

2. Curling eyelashes
This is natural to me since I was born. It is very seldom to see boy have curling eyelashes. Many people attracted with me. I did not use any mascara to curl my eyelashes.

3. Talkative person
I like to speak in front of people. I like presentations in the class. In UiTM, I have been actor and head of the event. I like these things. I got much experience when I participate this. Furthermore, I always ask what I do not understand in certain topics.

4. Girlfriend
I am single but not available. I have my lovely girlfriend name Nur ‘Afiah. She also a commander same with me. She is my first love because in primary and secondary school, I school with the boy.

5. Neat writing
I have neat writing. Many people said my writing is neat and easy to read. I always be careful when writing and make it neat and nice.

6. Love sports
I also love sports. My favourite sports are football and futsal. I feel better when playing sports. Last months, my class was won first prizes in futsal tournament in DIBA’s family day. I was so excited when playing with them.

7. Sleepy person
Watch out everyone, I like to sleep when I had free time. For me, sleeping are make me feel so good. In secondary school, I live in hostel and I also prefer to sleep when free time in the class.

8. Black skin
All of you must know about my skin. I look dark. My skin become dark because I like marching and adventurous activities. That’s why my skin is dark.

9. ‘Wisel’ Magazine
In addition, I like to collect ‘Wisel’ magazine every month. This magazine are about football. For me, football is important in my life. More than thousand I collect this magazines.

10. Motorcycle
I have own motorcycle. My motorcycle is ‘Lagenda 110 ZR’. This is my favourite motorcycles. This motorcycles easy to me to hang out with members and helping my family.